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Pay 0% Commission for delivery

Calibre’s 0% fee direct delivery service is a game-changer for restaurant owners. It ensures they keep their hard-earned profits by eliminating commission fees, while allowing them to regain control over their delivery orders and maintain their independence.

How it Works


Orders food on YOUR restaurant website

Your Website/App

Process the order flow and sends delivery request to the closest available driver near YOUR restaurant


Picks up order and delivers it to YOUR customer


Friendly handoff to YOUR customer. Done!

How Can We Help?

Pay 0% Commission on Delivery

Calibre is Your White-Label Delivery Service. Deliver on-demand orders through your website or online system. Receive orders via app, website, or phone, dispatching experienced couriers for timely deliveries. With over 200,000 couriers in Canada and continuous growth, Calibre offers reliable, efficient delivery for your business. Simplify logistics, enhance customer satisfaction, and thrive with Calibre’s game-changing solution. Get started today!

ZERO Commission Online Ordering

Unleash Your Restaurant’s Potential with Calibre: Say Goodbye to High Commission Fees! Tired of third-party delivery apps devouring your profits with staggering commission fees up to 30%? It’s time for a change. Embrace Calibre’s commission-free online ordering solution and take back control. Offer your own on-demand delivery service, keep more of your hard-earned profits, and enjoy enhanced control over the delivery process. Elevate your brand visibility, ignite customer loyalty, and maximize your success with Calibre today!

Marketing & Loyalty Programs

Ignite Your Restaurant’s Online Sales with Calibre’s Marketing and Loyalty Program Solution. Supercharge your revenue by harnessing the power of targeted marketing campaigns and a robust loyalty program. Calibre empowers restaurants to attract and retain customers, resulting in a surge of online orders. Personalized promotions, enticing rewards, and seamless customer engagement are at your fingertips, allowing you to unlock the full potential of your online sales and foster a dedicated customer base. Experience the Calibre advantage and watch your restaurant thrive. Get started today!

Mobile Ordering

Revolutionize Your Delivery Process with Cutting-Edge Custom Branded AI
Ordering Software for Unparalleled Customer Experiences

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Your own Restaurant App

Be ready for the future of online ordering for your restaurant.

Give your customers the option to order directly from your customized branded app. The ordering app can be downloaded from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. Once a customers downloads your app from the app store they will keep ordering on regular basis

More Features

App feature 1
Track and manage all orders in one place. Provides real-time updates for efficient order management.
App feature 2
Easily update and manage the full menu, including adding, editing, and organizing items for seamless customer experience.
App feature 3
Effortlessly create and manage online promotions to attract customers and increase engagement for the business.
App feature 4
The restaurant portal provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to effectively manage online sales, including inventory management, loyalty programs, marketing campaigns, reporting analytics, integration with third-party platforms and delivery solutions

Boost your online sales and gain full control over your orders using our restaurant-centric platform, complete with a 0% fee delivery solution.

How Can We Help Your Restaurant

Pay 0% Commission for delivery

Say goodbye to paying commissions to third-party delivery platforms and say hello to Calibre commission FREE on-demand delivery service and fleet of experienced food couriers. We’ll pick up your orders directly from your restaurant and deliver them straight to your customers, hassle-free. Our extensive driver fleet includes over 16,500 active drivers in the Greater Toronto Area alone, so you can be sure your orders will be delivered promptly and reliably. Choose our commission-free delivery service and keep more of your profits while providing a positive, seamless customer experience.

Commission FREE Online Ordering Solutions

At Calibre, we believe in supporting restaurants by providing a commission-free platform with no hidden fees. While other apps may charge restaurants hefty commissions of 20-40%, Calibre is different. We help restaurants save money so that they can pass on the savings to you, their valued customers. With Calibre, restaurants keep 100% of their profits, enabling them to grow and better serve their community. Choose Calibre to support local restaurants and enjoy delicious meals without worrying about hidden fees or commissions.

Marketing and Support

Maximize your online presence with our comprehensive suite of tools that are fully customizable and branded exclusively for your restaurant. From taking orders from anywhere to stepping up your marketing game and optimizing operations, we offer a range of tools to help your restaurant succeed. Our automated email marketing feature enables you to bring diners back for more with branded emails and targeted offers that are tailored to their preferences. You can customize our templates to create marketing campaigns that are as unique as your restaurant. Additionally, our print marketing service can help you build brand awareness with custom printed signage, handouts, and more.
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